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Nutritional Optometry Institute Inc.

The institute aims to advance research and promote Nutritional Optometry as an integral part of the prevention and reversal of various vision and eye disorders. Studies have shown just how important optimal nutrition can be in achieving good eyesight and the institute is an advocate of this concept.

The institute also hopes to become a primary source of up-to-date information and world-class professional services when it comes to Nutritional Optometry. We continue to invest in resources that would continue to advance this medical field such as funding research, investing in state-of-the-art optometry equipment, and most of all treating each patient only with appropriate and necessary procedures.


  • To help promote and to participate in various nutritional research such as nutritional epidemiology and ergonomics research;
  • To spearhead the dissemination of information about nutritional optometry and other related subjects that would give light to proper and better ways of eye care and vision care;
  • To use this information in
    • Presenting reports in various peer-reviewed journals and publications, both in hard-copy printed form and in the electronic media.
    • Establishing itself as a premiere resource for other educational and therapeutic institutions and healthcare practitioners, and to companies interested in nutrition and vision care subject to Board approval.
    • Sponsoring conferences, lectures, and courses in nutritional optometry/ophthalmology for ophthalmologists and optometrists and students and practitioners of nutrition and vision science.
    • Identifying people who have attended courses and trainings in nutritional ophthalmology/optometry and those who have shown their expertise in one or more areas of the field.
  • To release an annual review of the various advances made in the field of Nutritional Optometry/Ophthalmology and any other similar and supportive publications within the institute‚Äôs capabilities;
  • To actively enlist public support for the non-profit programs of the Institute.
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