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Nutritional Optometry Associates is dedicated in not only helping patients find effective solutions for their eye problems and diseases, but also we help researchers, students, and interested individuals get the information they need pertaining to nutritional optometry.

Our institute and specialists all contribute to spreading the benefits and breakthroughs in this field as they are discovered and tested so that more doctors could give proper treatment to their patients, and for the patients to understand their options when correcting different eye problems. As part of our continuous service and information gathering, we have documented/recorded a wealth of radio programs from the show entitled, “The Better Vision Through Nutrition Hour” hosted by our very own founder, Dr. Benjamin Clarence Lane.

The 78 recorded programs were part of the weekly show and focused on a variety of topics from Astigmatism, Glaucoma, Vision Enhancement, and Vision Therapy just to name a few. Dr. Lane’s guest eye specialists and doctors came from different states and but all with the expertise, knowledge, and experience it takes to have a firm grasp of Nutritional Optometry and its benefits to people with eye diseases.

Here is the list of the recorded programs:

78 weekly programs as heard on radio

“The Better Vision Through Nutrition Hour”

hosted by Dr. Lane



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