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About Us

Nutritional Optometry Associates is composed of experienced and respected eye specialists who advocate optimal nutrition as a contributing factor to correcting eye problems and vision disorders.

Dr. Benjamin Clarence Lane, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, is the founder and director of the Nutritional Optometry Institute and he holds clinics in NJ in Manhattan, listed as the Nutritional Optometry Associates. Dr. Lane has multiple degrees from prestigious universities namely Princeton, NYU, Pennsylvania College of Optometry, SUNY, and Columbia. These degrees encompass human nutrition, experimental psychology, vision science and development, optometry, and public health.

With the founding of Nutritional Optometry Associates, Dr. Lane and other similar-minded eye specialists aim to promote and educate people about the enormous amount of research and positive results of Nutritional Optometry in improving one’s eye diseases.

Some of the highlights of Dr. Lane’s Medical Career include:

  • His report for the Assn. for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology on how the differences in dietary and environmental factors contribute to some of the most common forms of macular degeneration of the eyes, such as glaucoma and vitreous degenerations.
  • His lecture on Nutritional Optometry in Chennai, India talking to their Elite College of Optometry and to the hospital staff of the huge Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital.
  • His new study on exudative macular degeneration, dismutases and transaminases as nutrition-responsive molecular and biochemical markers in exudative maculopathy.
  • His study on “Defining a syndrome of Functional Photophobia,”
Our organization offers complete eye exams and optometry services for the prevention, correction, and reversal of various eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and myopia through the practice of Nutritional Optometry. Our doctors are always ready to plan out a diet and nutrition program for you that will help you correct issues like macular degeneration, low vision, nearsightedness, astigmatism, contact lens problems, and any related eye diseases.

Call for an appointment today and see how you can benefit from the wonders of Nutritional Optometry.

All Right Reserved 2012 Nutritional Optometry

All Right Reserved 2012 Nutritional Optometry